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portlanders: a unique quartet event tuesday night

Arnica Quartet

This Tuesday, December 4th, the Arnica Quartet will be playing a happy hour concert at Picnic House restaurant from 4-6 p.m. Picnic House is an enthusiastic supporter of the arts in Portland, and they also happen to be located just across SW Salmon Street from the stage door of Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. So, if you come, what will happen, exactly? Well, I don’t really know! We have arranged to get some space set aside in the restaurant, which is anticipating relatively heavy dinner rush before the show that happens at the Schnitz that evening. It’s not exactly a “sit down and listen quietly” sort of event, but it’s also not exactly “just background music”, since this is a fully rehearsed, serious, classical program of three great string quartets by Beethoven and Schubert. It’s more of an experiment: what happens when you plunk a string quartet down in a busy restaurant? Come find out with us!

There is no cover charge, but we do ask that you help support Picnic House by enjoying a cocktail or some appetizers, even if you’re just coming to hear us play.


Drinks, Dinner, Dessert – String Quartet!
Tuesday, December 4 @ 4 p.m.
Picnic House – 723 SW Salmon Street
Call 503.227.0705 for table/dinner reservations