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time flies!

My last post here was on January 2nd, 2022. Just over six months ago! How did this happen? I’ll tell you.

The short story is that I decided to take the audition for Principal viola of the Oregon Symphony, from which Joël Belgique retired during the pandemic hiatus period. I jettisoned all non-essential activities (and a few essential ones) and settled into fulfilling my duties as Acting principal and preparing for the audition.

In the end, I did not win the position. I’m not sad about that. I’m a bit unhappy with how I played at the audition but very happy at the outcome. I’ve heard that we’ve hired a person who is both an outstanding violist and a wonderful human. We also hired a section player who grew up in Portland, studied with two members of the viola section, and is an utterly fantastic player. When it’s ok to divulge their identities, I’ll be sure to do so here on the blog.

I learned a lot from my audition journey. I’m a better player for having gone through it. I’m done with auditions forever! I’m very happy to return to my Assistant principal duties and devote a lot of energy to my side projects with 45th Parallel Universe and the Pyxis Quartet. There may even be a solo recital on tap for next spring…

This summer is full of both work and leisure – I’m returning to the Oregon Bach Festival in June. July is gig free and that means lots of gardening projects! In August I’ll be returning to my beloved Willamette Valley Chamber Music Festival. Before I know it, my 28th season with the OSO will have begun. Life is good.

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