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time for a break

Last night, as violist of the Arnica Quartet, I took part in a mini-concert of two Beethoven works for string quartet. You can find the archived concert video below (missing the 1st movement of the Op. 18 No 2 due to some technical issues).

Now it’s time for me to take a bit of a performance break. I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in a variety of performances, both solo and chamber music, since April of this year, which I’m very grateful for. But I need some time to recharge and see what might be coming up next. My poor viola has a wealth of minor wounds accumulated over well over 10 years of heavy professional playing, and so it will go to my trusted local luthier for some TLC.

After repairs are complete, I might go back to basics and work on some technical stuff with my playing that also is in need of repair (lots of that!), and perhaps re-learn some old repertoire and absorb some new as well.

I’ll find stuff to write about in the meantime. Maybe some brief musical history essays, some thoughts about new recordings that I’ve come across, and more than a few about the future of my industry as the pandemic stretches on here in the US.

Stay tuned!

45th Parallel Universe chamber music contemporary string quartet

portland social distance ensemble – micah fletcher and the pyxis quartet – tonight at 6pm (Pacific)

Tonight at 6PM the Pyxis Quartet will be playing music of Kenji Bunch and Bonnie Miksch inspired by the poetry of Micah Fletcher. Micah will be on hand to read four of his poems with us. This is a portion of a concert that we did last year, and it was a very impactful one for us and our audience. I hope you can make it:

45th Parallel Universe chamber music string quartet video

pyxis quartet plays glass, crumb, and danish folk music

Here’s the archived version of the live stream from last night of the Pyxis Quartet. There were some glitches, but we’re getting better at using the tech, and our developer is honing in on what is going to make this work the best for us.

Just a note to all of you who have expressed an interest in this technology. It’s still at the very beginning stages of development – I’d say pre-alpha testing, and is only usable for a limited number of computers with wired high speed connections at this point. It’s got a ways to go before it can go out into the world, and rest assured, when it’s ready, you’ll know about it! Thanks for your patience!