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For those of you who are not yet aware of it, there is a concert series up at the OHSU Auditorium on the OHSU campus on SW Sam Jackson Park Road.  It’s been around the last few years, but due to the location and not much of a budget for publicity, it hasn’t gained a lot of notoriety outside of the OHSU campus community.  The concerts take place at Noon, and most are on the third Wednesday of each month, October through April (though the next concert, featuring the Floristan Trio, is on a Friday).  The acoustics of the auditorium are lovely, and the concerts are informal, allowing for the medical staff and students to come and go as their schedules dictate.

The series is curated by pianist Susan Smith, and they’ve just made a website available with the full schedule and roster for the season.  You can find it here.

By Charles Noble

I'm the Assistant principal violist of the Oregon Symphony.

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