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china forbes talks about her recovery from vocal surgery

UPDATE: Stabler has an expanded print interview here.

From today’s online edition of the Oregonian, courtesy of David Stabler:

road trip

Saturday, Heather and I were on the road with Pink Martini – playing as part of the expanded string section that’s been known as the Harvey Rosenkrantz Orchestra. The concert was a new sort of experience for me. Rather than the usual Pink Martini routine of arriving at the venue and having an extended sound check and mini rehearsal, in this case we were in a festival situation. This means that we wait for the previous act to finish, the crew loads the stage for us, and we have a quick line check, and then we play. China Forbes was still on vocal rest, so Storm Large was the guest vocalist for this show. Amazing as always, and incredibly entertaining on stage and off.┬áThe other part of the experience that was new: five hours each way of travel on the coach bus. My back is still sore from those awful seats!

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