There are some clever people in this world.  Do you remember the “Yo-Yo Shreds at the Inauguration” vid that popped up on YouTube?

Then there was the “Perlman Shreds Winter”:

Now, there is the “Berliner Philharmoniker Masterclass”:

I was in tears for the last one – it’s a great job of dubbing over what the violist does, here’s the original, before this nefarious violist “ms200shred” got his golden fingers all over it:

2 Replies to “shreddin’”

  1. omg, charles, those are grrrrrreat videos. thanx.

    now, i’d like to see/hear/smell some lost soul take heinz holliger’s string quartet (1973) & turn it into a rhapsodically beautiful oeuvre.

    heinz’s SQ makes other sonic ketchup taste like Bardahl.

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