pyxis quartet plays glass, crumb, and danish folk music

Here’s the archived version of the live stream from last night of the Pyxis Quartet. There were some glitches, but we’re getting better at using the tech, and our developer is honing in on what is going to make this work the best for us.

Just a note to all of you who have expressed an interest in this technology. It’s still at the very beginning stages of development – I’d say pre-alpha testing, and is only usable for a limited number of computers with wired high speed connections at this point. It’s got a ways to go before it can go out into the world, and rest assured, when it’s ready, you’ll know about it! Thanks for your patience!

music in hospitals

Today’s New York Times has an article (with accompanying video) about a doctor at a hospital in Harlem that decided to have musicians FaceTime concerts to patients battling COVID-19. It’s a wonderful effort, and one that should be reproduced elsewhere. [may be behind paywall]

violist being creative

Recently I got a reply to one of my posts where I was talking about trying to reconnect with my love of music and playing the viola. Mario Gheorghiu from Vienna sent me this video of one of his recent projects which he undertook to try to break out of his own creative funk. I think he succeeded very well, don’t you? Enjoy!