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I remember years when this blog was pretty much the center of my musical existence. I wrote about many aspects of my experiences as they happened. Sometimes I got in trouble for things I wrote, most often I did not (and it wasn’t bad trouble, just “be careful” trouble).

Now I find myself looking at the blog and realizing that the last time I looked at the blog was five months ago. It’s fair to say that writing has not been part of my central focus over the past few years. It’s also fair to say that making music might also not have been a central factor, either.

I’m finding that maybe there is change in the air. A return to a sense of wonder and joy around the music that I make or see being made. It had been a while since I’d felt something like that. Sometimes it’s the little things that serve as a catalyst to something bigger.

It’s also likely that spring is just around the corner (at least in the Pacific Northwest) and I’m just feeling that sense of rebirth in the world that happens each year. But I think it’s something more.

Thanks for stopping by. I can’t promise that there will be content added here on a regular basis, but I can promise that every now and then there will be something.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

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