lazy post, procrastination edition

It’s been a bit too long since I’ve posted, and while there has been quite a bit that I could have written about, I’ve just been too busy to get around to it. So, in the meantime, here’s a pretty photo of a new-ish coffee joint that I visited yesterday: Ristretto Roasters in the Schoolhouse Electric Building on NW Nicolai in Portland, Oregon.

click to see full size version
click to see full size version

latte of the day

badbeard hits the big time

Justin “Badbeard” Kagan, the Portland cellist neé coffee roaster and foodie extraordinaire, has been featured in today’s Oregonian courtesy of the O’s classical music critic David Stabler.  It’s a nice write up, and you can find it here.  Justin does a great job of explaining his coffee ethos, and that is worth sharing once more:

Coffee should make you think of coffee, not a hipster, fetishistic expression of some great unknown, and it can and should awaken one’s imagination.