contract some mahleria

Last night was the first performance of our classical series for this week. As I’m on work hardening and only playing the opening Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3 (with fabulous soloist Alexi Kenney), it was my treat to get to sit out in the audience (in the rarified Dress Circle, no less!) for the Mahler Sixth Symphony portion of the program.

What a performance it was! Astonishingly good. It’s hard to grasp, when you’re in the trenches, so to speak, just how the orchestra sounds as a whole. Let me tell you, it sounds amazing. This Mahler symphony has been one that I’ve warmed to slowly (not as slowly as the Seventh, though), but it has many rewards for the attentive listener. If you’re at all on the fence about coming for the remaining performances (Sunday at 2pm, Monday at 7:30pm), I’d whole-heartedly reccomend you do so. It will be a concert you’ll remember for a long time! Oregon Symphony website.


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