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PHAME is thrilled to announce that the debut concert of the Kairos Ensemble – Portland’s newest classical chamber music ensemble – on May 27th at The Old Church, Portland, will benefit the innovative arts programs of PHAME Academy.

Kairos – Greek for “the right or supreme moment” – is an ensemble comprised of Portland’s top professional musicians, including Margaret Bichteler, Paloma Griffin, Tatiana Kolchanova – violins; Michelle Mathewson, Charles Noble, Lisa Zweben – violas; Justin Kagan, Katherine Schultz – celli and Susan Smith, Ian Harris – piano. Special guests for this debut concert include PHAME student vocalists David Hutzler and Alisa Allred, and PHAME executive director Stephen Marc Beaudoin.

The Kairos Ensemble concert will take place 7:30 pm on Friday, May 27th at the Old Church in Portland, 1422 SW 11th Avenue.
According to Kairos Ensemble founder Michelle Mathewson: “My vision for the May 27th Kairos Ensemble concert is bringing together a group of wonderful musicians in presenting chamber music to the community and partnering with PHAME Academy. Two students from the Academy and the executive director will perform and donations will be collected at the door for PHAME.” Mathewson continued, saying: “I share in the philosophy that Stephen Marc Beaudoin lives with his belief and passion for PHAME, that all people deserve the opportunity to excel and the arts touch all hearts.”


Admission is free-will donation at the door the night of the concert, and 100% of donations collected will benefit PHAME Academy.

For further information, please contact Michelle Mathewson at 503-702-0767.

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