moore does britten & weill


Dudley Moore

What a genius Dudley Moore was, and what a shame that we lost him much too soon. A friend pointed me to this classic video of Moore doing two parodies of Britten and Weill,

and then I discovered a brilliant version of Schubert’s Erlkönig, too…

and then this parody of a Beethoven piano sonata, that uses “The Bridge Over the River Kwai” tune as its theme:

4 Replies to “moore does britten & weill”

  1. omg, THAT is fantastic. i had NO IDEA that dudley moore was such a friggin’ genius.

    benji britten, indeed (hint-hint).

  2. Great!!!!  I never knew Dudley Moore was such an accomplished pianist and singer.  I agree with Bob, he was a genius!  

  3. A friend of mine heard him entertain at the piano on a cruise ship, and she said that he was incredibly funny, even though he was drinking a lot.

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