february artslandia profile: joy fabos, principal librarian

Joy Fabos, principal librarian of the Oregon Symphony, is the subject of the February artslandia profile. Joy is one of those people whose name pretty much sums them up. She’s a joy to have in our workplace, and she’s one of the best in the business. It’s so nice to see her get this much-deserved recognition!

new artslandia profile: kenneth finch, cello

Ken is a stalwart of the cello section. He is unique in that he is simultaneously both a cello jock and a cello nerd – and he’s a really great guy. This is not always true in the cello world! He has an almost obsessive curiosity about music and the physical process of the cello – the sign of a keen mind at work. Plus, he has the great fortune of being married to Lynne Finch, also a musician in the orchestra (a violinist), who is a delight. Get to know Ken in this January profile from artslandia.

A (mostly) very good year.

Personally and musically, it was on the whole a very good year. Almost an entirely very good one. But there is always the element of the bittersweet as one gets older, and one starts to get ever more particular about what may be defined as ‘good’ or ‘very good’. The mortality reflex starts to kick in at the age of 50. You don’t want to give too much importance to minor things when the time you have left might be less than the time you’ve already had. [Hm, that was way more dark than I was intending, but I’ll leave it because it’s true.]

People love lists (even when they say they don’t), so this will basically be what they call in the blog biz a ‘listicle’. It sounds like it should be a body part, but don’t fear – it’s just an amalgamation of ‘list’ and ‘article’. Enjoy! (or not, your choice.) And it’s in chronological order, sort of.

The (very) good list(icle).

*recorded for broadcast/streaming on OPB’s State of Wonder – coming January 2019

So, lots of different stuff happened in 2018, and it’s looking like 2019 might be just as interesting (in a good way) or better! I wish the same for you as well – thanks for making this blog a place to visit, and I hope to make it a little bit more populated with reading material in the coming year!