gaining momentum

I just passed my 72nd day of my physical therapy regimen, and my stamina on the instrument is increasing. I’m playing the first half of this week’s Mahler concert, and hope to be back full time the following week. It finally feels like I can safely look forward to what the rest of the season will bring, and what projects I might pursue on my own as well.

I’m in the process of looking at repertoire for a recital in the spring – I’m not sure when it will happen, it may end up being in June instead, but it’s good to have a goal to push one’s self to work toward. I’m looking at some old friends: Hindemith, Brahms, and Clarke. Some younger friends, too: Penderecki, Rochberg, Ott, Chang, Higdon, and Tower. And some more recent acquaintances that I need to learn and make friends with: Muhly, Ran, Nichols, Bunch, Watras, Garrop, and Gibson, among many, many others. It may be that this is the foundation for a yearly recital journey – who knows?

If you’re a composer who has written a piece for solo viola or for viola and piano, or viola, voice, and piano, please drop me a line (via the ‘contact me’ menu tab above) and alert me to your website and/or examples of your work, I’d love to see and hear it!

you had one job

Are either of these names correct? [click to enlarge]
Violinist Tessa Lark

The violinist in question referred to (in this screen grab from the Rochester City Newspaper) is actually named Tessa Lark. I know this because I went to her own website to find out. It’s a small thing, but to me it looms large. Details matter. When reporting, getting the facts straight is Job One. Most likely a copy editor or captioner (if those jobs still exist) was in a hurry and mistyped the name – twice.

I’m hardly perfect. I make errors and typos all the time. I try to catch as many as I can before hitting the ‘Publish’ button, and I correct those that I’ve missed as soon as they’re brought to my attention. The more I read online content, the more I find these sorts of errors. They add up, and they undermine the integrity of the rest of the content. I wish we could all try just a bit harder.

Violinist recognized in Salem

Peter, you’re a class act – thanks for your 36 years and counting!