oregon symphony announcement

Oregon Symphony | Photo: © Charles Noble

We musicians got word yesterday afternoon that the Oregon Symphony would be canceling all scheduled services (concerts and rehearsals) until January 2021. It’s not unexpected. In fact, it’s probably the best-case scenario. It all depends upon when a vaccine is widely available, when government restrictions on large public gatherings are lessened, and when local venues are safe and available. So much is unknown, but for now I know that I’m out of work for the rest of the year.

oh, no! a viola recital!

This Thursday (July 9th) at 3pm Pacific Time, I’ll be playing a short recital of pieces for solo viola (OK, one of them is for four violas) on AllClassical.org‘s Thursdays @ Three program. All the pieces were recorded in my home practice space, including the Zoom interview with program producer and host Christa Wessel. Hope you can join me for the broadcast/stream!

a renaissance blog

Jeff Johnson | Oregon Symphony photo

It’s not a blog about the Renaissance, but it is a blog by something of a renaissance man, from the double bass section of the Oregon Symphony, no less! Jeff Johnson is well-known by his colleagues as a quiet wit whose still waters run very deep. He doesn’t always speak up, but when he does, it’s with a quiet thoughtfulness that causes everyone in the room to take heed of what he says. So, please take a look at his stunning new blog – called Basslines – it has poetry, prose, program notes, all rendered with care and with an eye to beauty as well. And tell your friends!