Yes, today was the first day back after the holiday break for us at the Oregon Symphony.  It was also a double rehearsal day, and I was dog tired when I headed for my car after the second rehearsal of the day.  One of the interesting things about working in an orchestra is how you respond (or don’t) to the gestures of the conductor in front of you.  Sometimes you see some pretty strange things.  Like this for example – could you figure out what do to when faced with this downbeat(s)?

By the way, I’ll be on allclassical.org‘s Northwest Previews show tonight at 6 p.m. The topic? My guest blog post for the Portland Youth Philharmonic that went up this week.  You can listen online if you’re not near a radio at the link above.

musical multi-tasking

almost here…

Today I rode in to downtown Portland to pick up music for the first couple concerts of the upcoming Oregon Symphony season.  Can I first of all say how pleasant it is to visit the OSO library these days?  Everyone is pleasant and helpful, and the mood up there is relaxed and professional.

Anyway, with the picking up of music there is not deny it: the season is almost underway.

Herbert von Karajan

I discovered via the blog Intermezzo a great series of youtube videos about Herbert von Karajan, the great conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic from 1954 to 1989.  Well worth watching.