Schwarz breaks a leg (literally)


Crosscut Seattle reports:

Seattle Symphony conductor and music director Gerard Schwarz broke his left leg and ankle last Thursday in a skiing accident. He faces surgery later this week, the SSO reports, with full recovery expected.

phoenix symphony – lessons for oregon?

An article in the Arizona Republic appeared today about the Phoenix Symphony and their slow recovery from the edge of the abyss a few years ago (ultimately, the players had to take a substantial pay cut to keep the orchestra solvent, nearly going on strike before settling). Here’s a summary from the beginning of the article: Continue reading “phoenix symphony – lessons for oregon?”

is something wrong with this picture?

The irony is that if 83% of people who  earn more than $150,000 studied music in school, why do those of us who chose music as a career make much, much less? I am glad, however, that those people who studied music and then went on to other things were successful in their chosen fields, because they are the ones who largely support the arts in this country these days.

From Reuters today: Continue reading “is something wrong with this picture?”