sentencing in oquist/svendsen case

I was forwarded this information from Janet George:

Fivea Sharipoff was sentenced June 24, 2008 in a 3 hour hearing. Family members of Kjersten and Angela read statements, Kelly Gronli read her own statement and one from her parents, and members of Fivea’s family read statements as well. In the end, the judge sentenced Fivea to a total of 16 years and 8 months in prison with no chance of early release. Upon her release, her driver’s license will be suspended for 8 years, and she will also be required to be under post-prison supervision for 3 years.

Here is a link to the Eugene Register-Guard’s article.

svendsen/oquist verdict reached

This was forwarded to me by Janet George:

A jury found Fivea Sharipoff guilty as charged today after approximately 2.5 hours of deliberation. Charges are 2 counts of manslaughter in the first degree for the deaths of Angela Svendsen and Kjersten Oquist, 1 count of assault in the second degree for injuries suffered by Kelly Gronli, and 1 count of DUI for driving while intoxicated. Sentencing is currently scheduled for Tuesday 6/24 1:30-4:30 pm at the Linn County Courthouse.

svendsen/oquist trial in session

Kjersten Oquist

Kjersten Oquist
Angela Svendsen

Angela Svendsen

This from KVAL‘s website in Eugene:

ALBANY, Ore. – A Salem woman is on trial in Linn County for the deaths of two members of the Eugene Symphony.

Fivea Sharipoff, 26, at left, is charged with manslaughter, assault and driving under the influence after a wrong-way crash on Interstate 5 last year.

The crash killed Kjersten Oquist and Angela Svendsen, both members of the Eugene Symphony.

Jury selection began Monday, and the district attorney started making the state’s case on Tuesday.

The DA finished calling witnesses Wednesday morning, and the defense called its first witness in the afternoon. The family of Angela Svendsen said that’s a couple days faster than they were originally told by the DA’s office.

The prosecution called about 25 witnesses, including paramedics, state police, at least one person from the eugene symphony and employees at the Abbey’s pizza where the prosecution contends Sharipoff was drinking.

Sheripoff is out on bail. She and the people walking with her had no comment.

Friends and family of the women killed in the accident gathered outside the courtroom after today’s proceedings. Svendsen’s husband said it was difficult to relive the accident in the courtroom.

One witness was called to the stand in Sherifpoff’s defense, who testified about the two of them drinking at an Abby’s pizza the night of the accident. The other witnesses for the defense were not able to make it today cause the trial is moving faster than expected. The court will not be in session tomorrow but will resume on Friday.

Video coverage can be found at the story’s page on KVAL’s website.

Photo of the defendant, Favea Sharipoff, aged 26:

Photo: KVAL, Eugene.