style or substance?

Style vs. substance the duality that’s on my mind as I write this.  I’m at a loss.  Why do individuals or organizations who do impeccably prepared, virtuosic performances passed over in favor of those who cloak mediocrity in the guise of a fancy mission statement?  Does it really all come down to marketing?  Are we who play traditional forms of classical music doing ourselves a disservice by slaving away to perfect our craft?

I don’t think that the style/substance relationship is a zero-sum equation.  One can inform the other.  They can achieve a symbiosis together that they would lack separately.  But, still, are we in America so impressed by a slickly packaged idea that we can overlook the actual substance of that idea?  I’m afraid to answer my own question, because one answer indicates that I’m cynical beyond rescue, and the other answer says that I’ve hopelessly naïve.

Any thoughts?

eastern exposure

I’m here in La Grande, Oregon with the Oregon Symphony, in case you’re wondering.  And it’s been a busy first day.  Yesterday my wife (a freelance cellist who plays often with the orchestra) and I arrived here at around 9:00 p.m., enjoying the great change of scenery and ecosystems that we continually marvel at when we venture across the Cascade Range along the way. 

I got some great sunset shots from the top of the huge hill that I-84 climbs before you descend through the Blue Mountains into La Grande, but no way to post them at this time – I’ll be sure to share photos from the trip with you when I’m back home on Sunday.

This morning at 9:30 and 11:00 we played youth concerts for elementary, middle, and high school students from La Grande and several surrounding communities, including Baker City, Cove, and Union.  Continue reading “eastern exposure”

blog rankings 2008

I stumbled upon a post over at Classical Convert which has published lists of the Top 50 Classical Music Blogs using four different metrics – most of which don’t mean that much to me. However, I was please to see that this blog has cracked the top 50 in 3 out of the 4 lists!

Google Reader Subscriptions method: #41

Technorati Authority Score method: #40

Google Incoming Links method: #49

And ACD over at Sounds & Fury posted his own methodology which listed DA at #49.

To this I owe you many thanks for reading, linking, and re-visiting my blog over the past year.

As I’ve said before, I don’t write this blog for fame or fortune, but just as a way of providing some badly-needed therapy, and it’s gratifying that it just so happens to be a place that you come to for whatever you come here for!