waterfront concert – thanks for turning out, portland!

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waterfront concert kicks off our 2015-2016 season tonight

Our dress rehearsal for tonight’s (Sept. 3rd) Waterfront Concert (7:00pm, be there or catch us on Allclassical.org online or on the air at 89.9FM). Here are some photos from this morning, enjoy!  (click on a photo to open the gallery for larger versions)

fires endanger festival site in methow valley

Fire over the ridge from the valley. Photo: Boo Schneider
Fire over the ridge from the valley on the evening of August 19, 2015. Photo: Boo Schneider
Smoldering fire approaching Signal Hill Ranch. Photo: © Mary Kiesau
Smoldering fire approaching Signal Hill Ranch on August 20, 2015. Photo: © Mary Kiesau

On August 19th, the Twisp River Fire was sparked and it has been whipped up by heavy winds and buoyed by high temperatures over the past few days. This is the same fire that killed three firefighters, and critically injured another. Red flag warnings are due to expire this evening, but the area is still in peril. I got word yesterday via Facebook that both my host family, on the east side of the valley, and the festival venue, Signal Hill Ranch, on the west side, had both been issued mandatory evacuation orders. I’m hoping that their property will be spared, but thankfully, all people and animals have been evacuated, which are what matter the most. My thoughts are with everyone in the valley, and with those incredibly brave firefighters and first responders.

UPDATE: The evacuation orders have been lifted, and the ranch is safe, as is my hosts’ home. Major fire activity is still rampant in the area, however. See this map for the extent of the fires.