minnesota musicians’ counter offers rejected

Press release from the Minnesota Orchestra musicians:

BREAKING NEWS: Management Rejects Two Musician Counter Offers

Minneapolis – The management of the Minnesota Orchestra rejected two counter offers by the Musicians today. Musicians have been making counter offers to avoid being locked out at midnight tonight. Management seems determined to lock out the “Greatest Orchestra in the World” as Alex Ross of the New Yorker wrote in 2010.

The first offer to bring to enter binding arbitration to reach a new contract agreement to avoid a lockout of musicians was rejected.

The second offer to “Play and Talk” was also rejected.

Meanwhile, last week the Orchestra management touted $97 million in new fundraising in its Building for the Future Fund. That includes over $50 million for a new lobby at Orchestra Hall including $14 million in taxpayer dollars.

Yesterday, the Musicians voted unanimously to “Play and Talk”, while the two parties continue negotiations. Musicians also unanimously rejected the proposed 30-50 percent pay cuts that management has proposed.

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