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You may be familiar with the alternate alphabets that are used for military or aviation or police work. A = alpha, B = bravo, and so forth. You are no doubt not familiar with the alternate alphabet of the Oregon Symphony’s music director, Carlos Kalmar. Over the years, my stand partner Joël and I have kept track of these designations, and the complete list now makes its public debut on this blog! Enjoy.

A – Arkansas (Ar-KAN-sas) or Antonio
B – Bertha
C – Caesar
D – Delaware
E – Everglades
F – Florida
G – George
H – Honduras
I – Indiana
J – Joseph
K – Kansas (var: Kansas City)
L – Louisiana
M – Mother or Martha
N – Nicaragua
O – Otto
P – Paul
Q – Quasimodo or Quello
R – Robert
S – Sarah (Sar-RAAAAH)
T – Tennessee
U – Uruguay
V – Victoria
W – Wichita
X – Xerses
Y – Yipsilon
Z – Zeppelin
AA – Ainouk Aimee
BB – Brigitte Bardot
CC – Claudia Cardina
DD – Doris Day
FF – Federico Fellini
HH – Horatio Humphrey.


9 Replies to “carlos’ alphabet”

  1. C’mon Charles…the double letters are where things get interesting:  Betty Boop, Calvin Coolidge, Dirk Diggler, Farrah Fawcett, Great Gatsby, Susan Sarandon. Help me finish the list 🙂

  2. I have to clear up the double letters…
    Ainouk Aimee
    Brigitte Bardot
    Claudia Cardina
    Doris Day
    Federico Fellini
    Never came up with a G
    and of course Horatio Humphrey.

    I hope there are no pieces with any other challenging letters…

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