riding to fight cancer

08/12 UPDATE: Thanks to my many generous friends and colleagues, I’ve met my $500 goal for this ride!  Thank you so much, everyone!  If you have not yet donated, please consider it, as it goes to two great causes: the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and the Knight Cancer Institute.

Please pardon this random posting, but I’ve just signed up to do the Echelon Gran Fondo ride which will take place in and around the Columbia River Gorge on September 26, 2010.  It is a fundraiser for two very worthy causes: the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Knight Cancer Institute at the Oregon Health Sciences University.  Oregon pro cyclist Chris Horner is the headliner for the ride this year, just off of his top-ten finish in this year’s Tour de France.

My goal is relatively modest in terms of fundraising: $500 $300.  If I raise at least $300, I’ll get a nice commemorative jersey, but that’s not the point of it for me.  I’m riding for my friends and colleagues who have struggled with this terrible disease in the past few years.  I’m riding in honor of those who are currently fighting or who are survivors: Becky, Jennifer, Joan, and Stephen.  I’m also riding to remember those whose battles have ended: Ken Baldwin, Martha Herby, and Bob McClung.  I hope that you’ll give in honor of your friends and/or loved ones in the hopes that we can help to eradicate this most insidious and diabolical set of diseases, cancer.

You can donate via my fundraising page, or click on the thermometer widget to the far right of this page.

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