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cello sonata house?

Of course, it’s in China.


By Charles Noble

I'm the Assistant principal violist of the Oregon Symphony.

4 replies on “cello sonata house?”

Let’s hope it’s better than the building that toppled in Shanghai due to poor construction and the poisons in the foods and baby toys. And recently the Oregonian announced problems with their condoms. Just saying. Otherwise the cello is great.

LaValle, is “condoms” just developer-speak for condominiums?? Or is the umbrella of “homeland security” becoming more insidiously and metaphorically apt? A recent crossword puzzle…toughie, from editor Peter Gordon’s rogue collections under the banner “Fireball XWords”, had 1.Across ..Company with the slogan “You can’t wait to put us on”
Your java being roasted today…see ya.

Condoms … those prophylactic gadget not buildings. But hey, the poor manufacturing only has the potential of being life threatening. Of course the link on oregon live has vaporized. However, I did find this from the LA Times. “China’s latest scandal is counterfeit condoms. Health officials warn that inferior contraceptives can spread the diseases they are supposed to protect against. Some of the brand-name knockoffs have reached the U.S.” Glad the coffee is being vetted.

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