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Alondra de la Parra – Photo: Courtney Perry

The Daily Beast has an article about the current crop of young conductors who are either making it big or, in their opinion, are about to (the headline screams: Young Rock Stars of the Conducting World”).  Some of these conductors have been here in Oregon, and with a couple of exceptions, they were all quite good.  We haven’t seen any of these women here in Oregon, and it would be nice to have a few female conductors here – but for some reason the “buzz” on the women that most critics are hot on is not getting to our front office.  Click here for the article and photos of the chosen ones.

I’ve heard some very good things about another female conductor, the Minnesota Orchestra’s staff conductor, Sarah Hicks, as well.  And I’d be comfortable adding our own Resident Conductor Gregory Vajda to this list as well.

Here’s hoping we see some of these young talents on our podium in the years to come.

And here’s the list for those of you with little time to spare (*= has appeared or will appear with the OSO):

  1. Gustavo Dudamel
  2. Marc Albrecht
  3. Alondra de la Parra
  4. Kazem Abdullah*
  5. James Gaffigan*
  6. Pietari Inkinen* – will appear with the OSO Feb. 2010
  7. Edward Gardner
  8. Michael Christie*
  9. Joana Carniero
  10. Michael Francis
  11. Evan Rogister
  12. Shi-Yeong Sun
  13. Phillipe Jordan
  14. Ilyich Rivas – profile in Atlanta paper

It’s also worth noting, which the Daily Beast did not do, that all of these conductors – with the exceptions of Dudamel and Abdullah – have the same representation, with IMG Artists.  It’s curious, since there are quite a few conductors of similar or greater promise that are represented by other agencies.  I’m hoping, in light of the high journalistic standards to which the Daily Beast aspires, that this was not simply a puff piece instigated by the marketing wing of IMG.  Check out the comments below to see another mistake – concerning who actually conducted the Ring in Seattle this summer (good eye, James!).

6 Replies to “young conductors to watch”

  1. I could swear that Inkinen was here previously and was quite impressive. Perhaps I’m wrong. Abdullah must be a will appear because I don’t seem to remember him.

  2. The list is interesting, but contains a factual error: Evan Rogister did not conduct Wagner’s Ring cycle in Seattle this summer; Robert Spano did. Rogister conducted Bartók’s Bluebeard’s Castle in Seattle and did a fine job.

  3. Also, Pietari Inkinen conducted the OSO in March of 2008. (March 8th is the concert that I attended.) Gads I’m getting too carried away! Better cut off the wine.

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