mid-week news roundup


  • Some very sad news from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, whose Principal trombonist, Steven Witser, died of a heart attack at the age of 48 on Monday night.
  • The Ying Quartet is losing its first violinist, resulting in a quartet that will not be all siblings.
  • The Baltimore Symphony musicians have given $1 million in voluntary wage/benefit concessions and are involved in an extensive fundraising drive for the orchestra.
  • Interesting article in NewMusicBox about the efficacy of pre-concert lectures.
  • Krystian Zimerman creates a furor with his politically-based anti-US concert remarks and apparent self-imposed ban on future US performance.

One Reply to “mid-week news roundup”

  1. To all the people that have chanted over the years, “America: love it or leave it,” guess what, Zimerman has taken y’all up on your taunt.

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