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and now for something completely different

china forbes talks about her recovery from vocal surgery

UPDATE: Stabler has an expanded print interview here.

From today’s online edition of the Oregonian, courtesy of David Stabler:

road trip

Saturday, Heather and I were on the road with Pink Martini – playing as part of the expanded string section that’s been known as the Harvey Rosenkrantz Orchestra. The concert was a new sort of experience for me. Rather than the usual Pink Martini routine of arriving at the venue and having an extended sound check and mini rehearsal, in this case we were in a festival situation. This means that we wait for the previous act to finish, the crew loads the stage for us, and we have a quick line check, and then we play. China Forbes was still on vocal rest, so Storm Large was the guest vocalist for this show. Amazing as always, and incredibly entertaining on stage and off. The other part of the experience that was new: five hours each way of travel on the coach bus. My back is still sore from those awful seats!

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China Forbes and Thomas Lauderdale ring in the New Year.

Happy New Year!  Today was a very low-key day, after the New Year’s Eve celebrating Heather and I took part in as part of Pink Martini’s festivities at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall last night.  The orchestra doesn’t start to get going until next week, so it will still be pretty quiet around the blog until things start to pick up. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year!

random thoughts for thursday evening

First, I just have to say that the First Piano Concerto of Brahms is even better than I remembered it.  I think the last time we performed it was with Peter Serkin, and that was an amazing series of performances, but this time, with Jon Kimura Parker, and with the orchestra playing so well, it was simply sublime at rehearsal today.  Jon just has the most amazing, lush sound on the piano, and it is the perfect sort of sonority for this piece.  He can also play with a very, very full sound, but without crashing or clanging.  It just looks and sounds effortless.  Incredible.

Second, I spotted this nice little short film about Pink Martini today that is worth taking a look at:

And third, well, there is no third item, so have a good evening!

looking for pink martini tickets?

If you’re looking for good seats, you’ll be paying plenty – at least if you go on eBay to do your purchasing:

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pink martini concerts almost sold out

Word from Elaine Calder is that the series of three Pink Martini concerts this coming week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday evenings) have sold in excess of $500,000 worth of tickets.  Amazing!  It really is a tremendous gift to the Oregon Symphony that Thomas Lauderdale decided to use the Oregon Symphony to make this live recording, rather than going to the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra or a pick-up recording orchestra in Seattle.  This album will be a truly locally-produced, homegrown product, and one of which Portland can be justifiably proud.