is music really just a luxury?

Sometimes, even we professional musicians begin to believe the sentiment that music is ‘just’ a luxury for people with too much disposable income. We forget that music is an activity that we have partaken in for as long as there have been humans (witness the ancient bone flute dating from over 35,000 years ago), and that is serves a deeply seated need to connect with something that transcends our everyday mortal existence in a way that even religion cannot even touch. Please, take a few minutes and watch this remarkable video excerpt from an upcoming documentary (opening in NYC this month) called Alive Inside:

$25K for portland public schools music

Peggy Swafford, former OSO violist and indefatigable champion of music education, has set up a project through the Music Education Assistance Project (a program of Local 99, American Federation of Musicians) to provide $25,000 to get much needed instruments for instrumental music instructors in the Portland Public Schools.  The programs are chosen by popular vote on Pepsi’s Refresh Everything website, which allows for people to set up projects online and use social media to rally people to their cause.  This is one case where the need is dire – please click over to Peggy’s project page and get her closer to her worth goal of providing Portland children with a musical education.  You can vote for the project once each day, and for nine other projects each day, so keep clicking and spread the word!

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