smaller orchestras matter more

At least that’s what Bill Eddins says in his post from Thursday where he talks about how important it is for smaller ensembles to maintain that all-important personal connection with their audience.

The larger the orchestra the more one can be removed from society in general, mainly because your life is wrapped up in The Über-Orchestra that you belong to.

In “smaller” orchestras?  The connection between you and your peeps is that much more important.  You have a much, much smaller margin for error.  If your organization is perceived in the community as being even more elitist than normal you have a huge mountain to climb if you ever get into trouble.  In this day and age it is vitaly important that these smaller ensembles work diligently at keeping a personal relationship with the community at large.

This is all in relation to a new video produced by the Professional Orchestra Musicians of the Grand Rapids Symphony. I love it, and hope that we might be able to something like it here with the Oregon Symphony Players Association.