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Whew! I’m back in Portland again, after an action-packed five days at the Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival. I played three big pieces, two of which were brand new to me, and one which I hadn’t played in at least ten years. After three years of playing here, I can now declare my total love of this festival. It’s all about the people. My artist colleagues are all amazing musicians and people. We’re from all over the continent (and in some cases, the world) and our ages range widely, but we all came together and made music together, often with sublime results. The board and volunteers of the festival are some of the most dedicated and music-loving people that I’ve come across, and the setting of the Methow Valley is wildly beautiful.

Rehearsing the Dvorak E-flat Piano Quartet on the barn's main stage with Ryan, Elena, and Eric.
Rehearsing the Dvorak E-flat Piano Quartet on the barn’s main stage with Ryan, Elena, and Eric.

I had such a great time making music with my chamber music companions this past week – they were violinists Elena Urioste, Brittany Boulding, Emile-Anne Gendron, and Grace Park; cellists Eric Gaenslen and Meeka DiLorenzo; and pianist Ryan MacEvoy McCullough. Such great musicians and people! It was also great to see returning cellist/composer Paul Wiancko, and to meet the super funny and glamorous and formidable violist Ayane Kozasa. Finally, my host family, Boo and George Schneider were so welcoming and hospitable, I felt right at home in their lovely home. I wish I had some group photos of us, but we were too busy having fun to take many pictures. So these photos from my various activities at the festival will have to suffice:

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