best use for a wagner tuba

I should say, it’s the best use for a BAD wagner tuba tenor horn, not one which is out of tune with itself and unplayable (are there any NOT like that?).


Thanks to Ken Finch of the OSO cellos for finding this for me!

UPDATE: I should say, that the tuben (plural Wagner tuba) were sounding excellent at today’s rehearsal – all of our intrepid tuben-ists have wrestled their beasts to the ground and gotten them to play in tune – it’s a wonderful sound they’re making now!

UPDATE UPDATE: Turns out this is from a pub in Freiburg, Germany (where else!).  Thanks to TYWKIWDBI.

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  1. In defense of my horn brothers (tongue firmly in cheek here) — not to split hairs here, but either this picture has been reversed or these are actually tenor horns.

    “As is” the horns in this picture are set up for right-hand valves. Wagner tuben are for the left hand.

    The large size of the lead pipe (where the mouthpiece goes) seems to indicate that they are tenor horns. Tenor horns are more related to baritones and euphoniums — both of which, some might say, deserve this royal flush.


  2. I was quite disillusioned to be informed that these are not in fact Wagnarians, I was imagining a possible joke involving Debussy.

  3. Mea culpa! as a string player, all brass instruments look more or less the same to me – all I know is that the horns are the ones that don’t point directly at my head!

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