golijov flap in eugene

Of course, no sooner do I declare a composer’s music as ‘original’, than does that same composer get accused of being a musical plagiarist. I claim no responsibility! I’m not sure how much validity there is to the assertions of two Eugene music authorities (writer and critic Tom Manoff and UO trumpet faculty Brian McWhorter) that Osvaldo Golijov ripped off a composition of fellow composer (and actual musical collaborator) Michael Ward-Bergeman. Golijov himself has used large chunks of his own material in subsequent compositions (such as sections from his 2003 Tenebrae for string quartet that was reworked and incorporated into his 2006 cello concerto, Azul). It seems to be a matter of lack of attribution (though the tune used by Golijov was attributed to Ward-Bergeman. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Seems a little bit like a tempest in a teapot.

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  1. wow, “plays out” is right.

    simply cue up both pieces & take ’em for a test listen.

    the truth will be heard.

    keep us posted, charles.

    golijov is a composer i hold in fairly high regard (especially his killer piece for clarinet & string quartet, “the dreams & prayers of isaac the blind”).

    i hope he didn’t rip the other lad. 

  2. Tempest in a tea pot ? How hot is that water ? Good that you have a place to discuss this. I’m blogging about it here if you care to join the discussion.
    -Tom Manoff

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