Yep. Many of the members of the Oregon Symphony have got senioritis bad! A lot of the orchestra returned from New York on Saturday or Sunday, and then we were right back to our first rehearsal for this weekend’s Celebrating the Symphony concerts. Add in some nice spring weather to the mix, and you’ve got the makings of an orchestra which is torn: we want to play well for our home town fans, and we also just want to lie around in the sun! Now, if I think I’ve got it bad, then I should remember that at least I’m not one of the eight musicians making solo appearances with the orchestra this weekend. They had to prepare throughout the run up to Carnegie, and then continue after returning to Portland and rehearsing this program. They’re all sounding great, so it should be a treat for everyone to hear them.

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  1. hahahaha, espanol, eh? 

    you mean like when anton chiggurh in “no country for old men” refers to the guy in the market as “friend-o?”

  2.  So l,ooking forward to hearing the studly solisti plus the rest of the senioritis-infected band I can hardly stand it!  A terrific season, ladies and gents, and you are all to be commended.

    1. I would certainly agree that this has been a terrific season.  I can’t think of a better one in all the years I’ve been attending.   The rehearsal  this morning was outstanding. The program is just packed with great music! 

      1. really looking forward to attending tonight.

        i just finished listening through the bartok with score – an old boulez recording.

        my fave part of the entire work is the ravishing brass chorale in the 2nd mvt. – makes me wish bb had written a brass quintet.

  3. i took a composer friend with me to last night’s gig that hadn’t heard/seen the oso for years.

    he was floored – couldn’t believe y’all are the same band!

    a highlight was the brass section kicking major dupa in the bartok.


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