violists as fodder…

Only from the mind of a bass trombonist…

I’m just waiting for this one to hit YouTube… Enjoy!

shooting musicians

You might not know that I’m a pretty avid amateur photographer in what spare time I do have. What I most enjoy is doing portraits of local musicians. Here are some examples of my recent work:

trio 1

Tessa Brinckman, Cary Lewis and Dorothy Lewis – November 2006

linda 2

Linda Campos – September 2006


Shin-young Kwon – April 2006


Paloma Griffin – April 2006


Una O’Riordan – November 2005


Heather Blackburn – April 2005

random thoughts about music

Here are some thoughts that have passed through my head during the last couple of days of rehearsals:

  • Mozart really is a great composer (Norman Lebrecht notwithstanding)
  • Composer John Adams just might have the best copyist in the business
  • Choruses will, without fail, laugh at all the conductor’s jokes
  • Playing softly is much more difficult than playing loudly
  • The Robert Levin completion of the Mozart Requiem is way cool
  • The Lacrimosa movement from the Mozart Requiem is the most beautiful piece of music ever written
  • I wish I could play the Ravel Violin Sonata
  • Cellist Stephen Kates and violinist Berl Senofsky may be two of the most underrated great musicians of all time