norman keeps stormin’

Norman Leyden | Oregon Symphony

Norman Leyden | Oregon Symphony

Last night the Oregon Symphony played a run-out concert in Newberg – a smallish town at the northern end of the Oregon wine country. It was a pops concert, conducted by our Principal pops conductor Jeff Tyzik, who did his usual impeccable job. What was remarkable last night was the guest appearance by none other than our former Pops conductor Norman Leyden, who is still doing shows (including a trip to Carnegie Hall with Pink Martini) at the ripe age of 95. Unbelievable. He’s lost a bit of his bantering ability, but he can still play the clarinet with his smooth signature sound, and has charm to spare. Here’s to you, Norman, bravo!

One thought on “norman keeps stormin’

  1. Tony Beadle

    Norman is proof that music is the elixir of eternal youth! Mind you, this is a man who wrote the daily, yes daily band arrangements for the Arthur Godrey radio and television programs (ask your grandmother about these shows). Need we mention his experience in big bands before that?

    OS members, revel in the fact that you’re one degree of separation of two generations of the great musicians and artists of the 40’s-60’s that Norman knew and worked with, and was integral to their success.


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