radio days

I forgot to mention that I did a radio interview with Caitriona (pronounced Katrina) Bolster at KWAX-FM this afternoon.  It was for a preview of the upcoming Sunriver Music Festival season, and it was an easy interview.  I mentioned being a member of the Arnica Quartet, and she asked if that was anything like the homeopathic remedy, and I told the story of the naming of the quartet: we were rehearsing a difficult section in the Beethoven Op. 59 no 2Razumovsky” and our first violinist complained of a sore left arm.  Shin, our second violinist, immediately produced a tube of her trusty arnica gel, and we joked that we used so much of the stuff that we should call ourselves the Arnicas, and it stuck!

festival hiatus alert

I’m leaving today for the Methow Festival in Washington State, then we’re off to the Sunriver Music Festival in central Oregon after that, so don’t expect regular (or any) updates until after August 20th.

Here’s what will be on my reading list while I’m away:

Three Nights in August

History Of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

The Traveler: A Novel

feurmann plays Dvorak and Popper

Amazing video from one of the early 20th century masters of the cello (and one of the undisputed masters of all time):