and you thought choirs were dull…

You must check out this commercial for the new Honda Civic done by Honda UK (again, the Brits show their appreciation of the arts in innovative new ways) – it’s unbelievable, and there’s a ‘making of’ documentary on the site as well.

Thanks for Alex for pointing this one out…

Michelle DeYoung – not to be missed!

If you are within a two hour drive of Portland, Oregon – I strongly urge you to come to either our Front Row Center concert Friday, January 20th at 7:30 p.m. or to our Classical series January 22-23 in Portland and Jan. 24 in Salem, Oregon. She will be singing music from Saint-Säens (“Ah! mon coeur” from Samson and Delilah), Bizet (the famous Habanera from Carmen) and Ravel (Shéhérazade) on Friday night (on a program entitled “Women of Substance”) which will also include Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakoff’s Scheherazade, and on Sunday and Monday she will be singing only the Ravel. All are great works, but the dusky, perfume-laden atmospherics of the Ravel have not been heard in Portland for over two decades, and it is not to be missed!

Michelle DeYoung

Click here for tickets. As for Ms. DeYoung, she is one of the most stunningly voiced mezzos to be heard in recent years, and to see her on the concert stage in this repertoire is a rare treat, indeed. Michael Stern conducts.

music from the inside out

I would highly recommend the documentary film that is currently touring around select cities in the US right now. It’s entitled Music from the Inside Out, and it features the musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Hardly any other orchestra in the U.S. has such a storied and illustrious history, and the musicians are some of the finest exponents of their respective instruments in the world. This sensitively made film really digs to the core of what it is like to be an orchestral musician, and what this special and cloistered world is to those who both live in it and make their living from it. Click here to find where and when this wonderful film will appear next.