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Tim Scott, one of my cellist colleagues from the Oregon Symphony, emailed me a link to the labyrinthine web site of Italian period specialist cellist Claudio Ronco. He looks a bit like Lucian Pavarotti after a few months on Jenny Craig, and he’s clearly got a lot going on with baroque cello. Lots of sound files, instrument pictures and other stuff that defies categorization.

Claudio Ronco site.

oso cellist wins big gig

Photo credit: Charles Noble

Oregon Symphony cellist Adam Esbensen, a native of Corvallis, and a member of the Oregon Symphony since 2004 (he’s also the cellist with local new music ensemble fEARnoMUSIC), has won what is considered the Holy Grail of orchestral jobs, a position in a Big Five orchestra, in this case the Boston Symphony! Continue reading “oso cellist wins big gig”