random thoughts for thursday evening

First, I just have to say that the First Piano Concerto of Brahms is even better than I remembered it.  I think the last time we performed it was with Peter Serkin, and that was an amazing series of performances, but this time, with Jon Kimura Parker, and with the orchestra playing so well, it was simply sublime at rehearsal today.  Jon just has the most amazing, lush sound on the piano, and it is the perfect sort of sonority for this piece.  He can also play with a very, very full sound, but without crashing or clanging.  It just looks and sounds effortless.  Incredible.

Second, I spotted this nice little short film about Pink Martini today that is worth taking a look at:

And third, well, there is no third item, so have a good evening!

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  1. I was fortunate enough to attend all of the Friday rehearsal. I listened to Parker with your thoughts in mind and I concur completely with your assessment. I thought he produced a very pleasing sound even in the more vigorous passages. I’m looking forward to Saturday night. By the way, I love the Bartok. It was interesting observing the interaction between the orchestra and Carlos. Should be fun to see how it turns out on Saturday.

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