viola jokes, ftw

I’m a big fan of viola jokes. I don’t find them in the least bit offensive. Why? They’re mostly made up by violists, for one. They’re also based in a rather checkered early history of the instrument and its proponents. They have a basic sense of truth to them, and they’re also not at all mean-spirited. What I do find offensive are people who are very offended in a ‘holier-than-thou’ way by viola jokes. Please grow a sense of humor! Or not, you can do as you like.

Anyway, I digress. We just got done with two performances of Mahler’s Symphony No. 3, and whichever wag was on the front stand of the orchestra that used the rental parts before we got them had a healthy sense of violist humor:


It’s a visual joke akin to the famous viola joke when the violist asks the pianist how she learned to trill so quickly. The pianist replies that she didn’t understand what the violist is talking about. The violist sings the opening to Für Elise. *rim shot*

one violist in manhattan

Viola shaming. When will the madness end? #endviolajokes


waterfront concert kicks off our 2015-2016 season tonight

Our dress rehearsal for tonight’s (Sept. 3rd) Waterfront Concert (7:00pm, be there or catch us on online or on the air at 89.9FM). Here are some photos from this morning, enjoy!  (click on a photo to open the gallery for larger versions)