third angle & gabby

Third Angle String Quartet with Gabriela Lena Frank. Photo: Tom Emerson Photography
Photo: Tom Emerson Photography

We had two nights of terrific concerts at Third Angle this Thursday and Friday, and this is a photo from the finale of Friday night’s concert. Pictured are (L-R) Susan DeWitt Smith, Gabriela Lena Frank, and the Third Angle String Quartet. Gabby is just a force of nature, full of life and enthusiasm, and it was a joy for us to get to know her and her music together.

city sunset

  by nobleviola
a photo by nobleviola on Flickr.

Third Angle played a salon concert at the offices of Mulvanny|G2 architects in the Moda insurance building this evening – and this was the view from our green room.

The salon featured our guest composer this week, Gabriela Lena Frank, who has been in town since Monday coaching and rehearsing with members of 3A. She spoke about her unique blend of ethnic heritages (“Gringa latina jew”) and introduced the four movements we played of her extraordinary quartet Milagros, written in 2010.

You can order tickets for our two concerts at Portland State University this Thursday and Friday nights by going to Third Angle’s website: