condi talks music

I found this fascinating interview via Alex Ross, who found it by way of Phillip Bush. Did you know that Condi Rice (our Secretary of State) started out her collegiate career as a music major on piano? An interesting talk about her musical beginnings and current tastes with host Gilbert Kaplan (Mahler conducting millionaire and radio host) on WNYC radio’s Mad About Music show. There is both a written transcript and streaming audio on the show’s Web page.

You can also find interviews on music with:

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one hour of scribbling, then me using my card and collecting the $$ later!

great conductor comments

I’m going to keep track of some of the better comments I’ve heard from the podium in this space – keep watching for updates.

  • “the phrase should be nutritionally replete”
  • “it should be drug induced, flute enhanced”
  • “the attack should sound like a Hummer hitting a baby deer”
  • “make it dirty – in Swedish, we say snuskigt
  • nien, nien, nien!” (no, no, no!)
  • “lugubrious exhortations”
  • “you played for nearly a minute after I stopped. you don’t even look at me. how sad”

UPDATE: I’m not the first (and won’t be the last) to think of this – here are some real beauts collected by a member of the New Zealand Symphony about conductor Leif Segerstam – as reported by Alex Ross.