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Oregon Symphony | Photo: © Charles Noble
Oregon Symphony

I was musing over this past weekend’s performances of Mahler’s Third, and there were quite a few remarkable things/moments that came up – so I thought I’d share them here. In no particular order:

  • James Shields (principal clarinet) has the most amazing clarinet sound I’ve ever heard.
  • Martha Long’s (principal flute) subito pianissimo in the final adagio: breathtaking!
  • Mark Dubac (E-flat clarinet) playing as klezmer an un-klezmer solo as you can without going over the line. Well done, my friend!
  • Sarah Kwak’s (concertmaster) solos – the perfect sound for Mahler.
  • The entire double bass section for their frenzied passage in the first movement – it was like a seismic event!
  • Robert Taylor (acting principal trombone) played his huge solos with such grace and power.
  • The entire low brass section played with such power and precision. What an amazing group you are!
  • Chris Whyte for his huge final cymbal crash – you’ve got cahones!
  • Timpanists Sergio Careno and Jon Greeney – epic synchronized swimming at the close of the last Adagio.
  • Michael Roberts on the bass drum – such a beautiful touch!
  • The entire string section for that hushed beginning to the final adagio – what an honor it is to play with you all!

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