progress in louisville lockout?

This press release was issued today from the Louisville Orchestra Musicians’ Association:

Louisville Orchestra Musicians Association Proposes End to the Lockout
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, March 29, 2012 – The Louisville Orchestra Musicians
Association is pleased to announce that they have taken a very positive step in ending
their lockout, and returning the orchestra to a full schedule for the upcoming season.
Concerned with the health and long-term viability of the Louisville Orchestra, the
Musicians Association will agree to a binding process, where they and the Louisville
Orchestra Board of Directors sign a 1-year Bridge Agreement to end the lockout.
The remaining musicians will return to work under the terms of the most recent
agreement, while a mutually agreeable orchestra consultant spends the next year
reviewing the Louisville Orchestra’s operations, management, and member contracts. At
the end of that year, the consultant will make binding recommendations.
The musicians are seeking a meeting with the Louisville Orchestra Board of Directors to
discuss their proposal, resolve the lockout, and ensure a strong orchestra moving
Media Contact: Ryan Hardesty
(502) 805-2009 – Office
(859) 533-9438 – Mobile

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